As lawmakers seek to curb China from purchasing agricultural land through the bill SB 264, which is being fast-tracked in the Florida Senate, it is critical for Floridians to express support for this bill by writing and calling their legislators. Support also the House bill. As Jim Turner stated in his article in the SDNL, Governor Ron DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson "have pushed for restrictions on farm-land acquisitions by people and entities linked to the Chinese government."

This bill would prevent Florida governments agencies form entering contracts involving access to personal information with entities tied to countries such as China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria. Moreover, it will prohibit foreign principals from purchasing agricultural land, or interest in such land, and certain real property in the state.

The bill is missing an important component, namely to prevent not merely government entities from these countries to buy land in the state of Florida but also citizens and other individuals of these countries.

Certain countries, such as China and Russia, are known to deploy its citizens as secret agents of their government to establish themselves a private citizens in the U.S. just working regular jobs in hospitals, schools, daycares, and buying homes, marrying American citizens, while they gather information for their home country.

Personally, I know of one American who married a Chinese CCP government worker, moved her from China to Atlanta, GA where she has been employed by a hospital while providing information back to CCP. In this case, she brought funds to buy a nice, big suburban home in Atlanta funded, according to the American husband, by her previous job with the CCP.

A bill that includes prevention of foreign nationals from these countries to buy property of any kind in Florida is needed.

While I expect this view will meet objection, Florida would not be the only state or country that has taken strict measures to protect their state or country from being subjected to national security risks.

Denmark has for years required not only Danish citizenship to procure land and real estate in Denmark. They also require that the buyer has established "belonging", meaning a relationship with roots in Denmark, which presently is by proving the real estate buyer has at least 5 years of permanent residency in Denmark.

There is nothing wrong with ensuring national security and protection of ones state and national interest. It is common sense.

Therefore, it is critical that all voters with love for the great state of Florida contact by phone or in writing, including email, their state legislators to support this bill, but demand also that the bill includes individuals who are here in this country who want to buy property.

This is not discrimination or racist, as Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book, D-Plantation, suggested. By trying to turn this matter into another mindless racial discrimination case, such view only compromises unethically the need to protect ourselves against foreign threats. It is our duty and right to protect ourselves against foreign and domestic enemies. It is absurd, even wrong, to suggest that this legislative proposal is racist or discriminatory. It is just common sense these days, and it is necessary for safety to be sustained in this state. It is simply our right to protect our state, namely from countries known to harbor terrorists, spy on Americans and American government entities, oppress freedom of speech, and are involved in human, child, and drug trafficking. These are, mind you, also countries known for depriving its citizens of their right to protect themselves.

In our district in South Florida, your state representative is Jim Mooney. He can be contacted by email at

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