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Former Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman Sentenced

Judge Luck delivers his sentence decision to Bateman and a member of his defense team, in foreground, after which Bateman's lead attorney, Benedict Kuehne, addressed various media outlets outside the courtroon, that, "we'll have Mr. Bateman bonded out today". Kuehne stated to the court that the sentencing decision will be appealed. Judge Luck denied thdefense request that a later date for Bateman to report be granted. Instead the judge had sheriff's deputies take Bateman from the courtroom immediately for processing into jail.

  Former Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman was sentenced to 22 months in a state prison after his felony conviction of unlawful compensation. Bateman's conviction stemmed from his time as a paid consultant for CHI for $125 per hour while he was serving as Homestead's Mayor.

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