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Cava Defeats Bell For County Commissioner

Daniella Levine Cava (middle) celebrates her victory for County Commissioner of District 8.

  As midnight approached, an exhausted Daniella Levine Cava finally looked back on her historic victory in the Miami-Dade County Commission District 8 election. Tuesday night, by a still to be certified 51.97% to 48.03%, 688 vote margin margin out of 17,468 votes cast, Levine Cava became only the third challenger to beat an incumbent County Commissioner since 1994. The coincidence will not be lost in the minds of political observers as Katy Sorenson, one of Mrs. Levine Cava’s strongest supporters, twenty years ago defeated then District 8 Commissioner Larry Hawkins.

Armed and Dead

So much for the argument that having more people armed in public places will result in fewer gun deaths.