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  • Ag Industry Gets Aid After Irma

       By the numbers of cars parked along 288th Street and 187th Avenue it was easy to deduce that there would be standing room only inside the Ag Extension Center.  Squeezing inside, I found myself sandwiched along the side wall.  In front stood Teresa Olczyk, Charles La Pradd and Commissioner Daniella Levine-Cava who are fighting like the Three Musketeers for the welfare of our citizens.
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Hey Peeps....LIGHTEN' Up!

   Let me take a minute here to climb up on my soapbox!  If you are young, you probably don’t know what that means.  A soapbox is a wooden box that people stood on in the past when making a speech in public.  It could be on a street corner or in a building and they would stand on it and star…