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Letters to the Editor

Friday 05/17/2019
Letter to the Editor - Dear Homestead

Although I have spent a lot of time with you over the last couple of months, I can’t say that I know you well. Most of my time has been spent outside what they call an emergency influx shelter for unaccompanied migrant teens, right past the Air Force Reserve Base. But I have driven through your streets, and along your fields. I have seen workers in the fields. I have seen houses of the better off, and some more modest. And I have seen the signs that tell us, on the roads, that we are right along the way to visit the Everglades, and the road that leads all the way south to Key West.

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Thursday 05/16/2019
Letter to the Editor

This is in response to the op-ed by Rep. Mucarsel-Powell, May 10, 2019, pg 7A.

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Letter to the Editor - Thank you Dr. Tucci

The city of Homestead can be proud of a good many things: its friendly population, its institutions...Recently, I also found out that it is the proper place to bring your sick or injured pet. It has outstanding veterinarians but, particularly, I am thinking here of Dr. Teresa Tucci.

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Friday 05/10/2019
Moving Towards a Cleaner, Greener Future

When I lived in Ecuador, I grew up surrounded by vibrant life; beautiful exotic plants and animals that would make anyone fall in love with our planet. When I moved to Miami, I felt a similar appreciation and love for our unique ecosystems like the Everglades, and our stunning coastlines—areas that would make anyone want to commit to protecting our planet. But when I am exploring the Everglades with my children, or scuba diving along our barrier reef, I can’t help but worry that future generations will not be able to experience these natural wonders if we do not take action to flight climate change now.

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Friday 04/12/2019
Redland Community Council Prevails

Despite 138 objectors and a Community Council that favors developers instead of giving respect to neighbors, was the outcome of last Thursday's Redland Community Council 14's zoning meeting. Residents of the Biscayne -288 St --McMinn --172 Ave area, were hoping for a favorable zoning decision of the Redland Council, but for a losing disappointment and the 7 to 8 times this application has come to this council and the BCC (Board of County Commission) this is an injustice to the citizens of this community.

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Op-Ed - My 100 Days Focus: South Florida

In the first 100 days of the 116th Congress, we’ve been able to accomplish so much for our South Florida community – a community that I am proud to

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Monday 04/08/2019
Op-Ed - Understanding Trauma can help stop Child Abuse

To prevent child abuse, we must understand it. That's why you'll soon see blue pinwheels and other signs that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The better we understand the long-term damage that trauma inflicts on children, the better we'll be at preventing it.

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Monday 03/25/2019
Letter to the Editor - Harris Field

Has anyone noticed how lovely the trees are gracing Harris Field?

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Friday 02/22/2019
Letter to the Editor - I salute the Coast Guard, ICE, and others for their dedication and determination

To the Newsleader,

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Letter to the Editor - Interesting FULL page ad on the back of the Feb 9, 2019 South Dade NewsLeader. It caught my eye.

Interesting FULL page ad on the back of the Feb 9, 2019 South Dade NewsLeader. It caught my eye.

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Friday 02/08/2019
Third Trimester Abortion - Mercy or Murder

Editors Note: Staff Writer Phil Marraccinii, weighs in with his opinion on the recent changes to abortion laws proposed in Virginia and New York.

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Saturday 01/26/2019
Op-Ed - Put Florida first and end the shutdown

As Americans, we have some basic, reasonable expectations. Among them: our food should be safe to eat, our businesses should be able to operate, our workers should be paid for their labor, and our government should function effectively.

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