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• The Baltimore Ravens was the NFL’s most stress-inducing team last year.

• The Bucs and Eagles gave their fans the most chilled seasons.

Supporting your favorite NFL team each week can be a nerve-racking experience. From the great expectations of beating the opposition, to your team simply throwing away an easy win, how your team performs can lead to emotions running high.

But, analyzing the 2021 season, were some NFL teams more stressful to watch than others? And which NFL team’s season was the most stress-inducing for their fans?

Taking the top spot as the NFL’s most stress-inducing team last season is the Baltimore Ravens, receiving the highest score of 104.97 out of 150. Thanks to 11 games going down to the wire, it was an emotional season for Ravens fans, with many being glad when the season came to an end. This was apparent on social media, with the Ravens receiving the 2nd highest number of negative conversations across the entire NFL – only the Raiders had it worse off.

Moving down the table, Giants (86.73) and Lions (81.38) fans complete the list of the three most stressful teams to support last season. While both teams had some of the worst win percentages, it’s the Giants’ frustrating number of giveaways per game (1.8 - the highest in the league) pushing them into 2nd spot.

For Bucs (39.42) and Eagles (40.87) fans, the 2021 NFL season was far more relaxing, however.

The Bucs lost the joint-fewest games last season (5) and only played out three close games all season – winning two.

The Eagles also gave their fans an easy ride, only featuring in three games (winning two), as well as losing just once as favorite.

Below is a list of NFL teams in order of which were the most stressful to support during the 2021 season:

Rank - Team - NFL Stress Index

1 Baltimore Ravens 104.97

2 New York Giants 86.73

3 Detroit Lions 81.38

4 Cleveland Browns 80.43

5 Las Vegas Raiders 79.32

6 Los Angeles Chargers 76.73

7 Carolina Panthers 73.76

8 Cinc. Bengals 71.14

9 Chicago Bears 70.92

10 Seattle Seahawks 70.07

11 Jacksonville Jaguars 68.10

12 New England Patriots 67.01

13 Denver Broncos 66.62

14 San Francisco 49ers 66.31

15 Dallas Cowboys 65.68

16 Minnesota Vikings 64.90

17 New York Jets 64.48

18 Pittsburgh Steelers 60.31

19 Houston Texans 59.35

20 Tennessee Titans 58.78

21 Wash. Commanders 58.02

22 Atlanta Falcons 57.48

23 Kansas City Chiefs 53.22

24 Buffalo Bills 51.58

25 New Orleans Saints 51.47

26 Indianapolis Colts 51.27

27 Arizona Cardinals 49.62

28 Los Angeles Rams 49.62

29 Miami Dolphins 46.31

30 Green Bay Packers 45.14

31 Philadelphia Eagles 40.87

32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 39.42

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