A juvenile green sea turtle is eager to enter the water.

A juvenile green sea turtle is eager to enter the water.

Zoo Miami Animal Health team members successfully released a juvenile Green Sea Turtle back to the wild from Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne.

This individual had been brought to Zoo Miami’s Sea Turtle Hospital on March 13th by an FWC officer after being hooked by a recreational fisherman off of the Dania Beach Pier. Upon arrival to the hospital, the hook was removed by Zoo Miami Associate Veterinarian, Dr. Marisa Bezjian.

Following closer examination, the turtle was found to have two additional hooks lodged in its esophagus which Dr. Bezjian also successfully removed. It has since made a full recovery which allowed for the release on Wednesday.

Getting unintentionally hooked by fishermen or entangled in fishing line is an ongoing challenge for sea turtles. If you accidentally hook a sea turtle while fishing or encounter one tangled in fishing line, please take the following steps:

- Gently reel the slack line, keeping the turtle at the surface of the water. DO NOT lift the turtle above the water by pulling the line.

- You can use a net to bring it to the pier. If you are on shore, gently lift the turtle by its shell to bring it to land. Be careful to avoid the head as they are capable of inflicting a serious bite. In addition, adults have large nails on their front flippers that can inflict serious lacerations.

- Call FWC at Call: 1-888-404-FWCC (3922) - Cellular phone *FWC or #FWC

- Try to keep the turtle in the shade or place a wet towel over the shell to keep the turtle cool.

- You may trim excess fishing line, but be sure to leave at least 1-2 feet of extra line with the turtle. Please remember, DO NOT attempt to remove hooks or line from the turtle, wait for help to arrive.

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