Travon Brown - 2

Travon Brown is the new Homestead Senior High School boy’s basketball coach.

Brown attended Homestead High School and graduated in 2018 but was unable to make the varsity basketball team. He was a member of the school’s wrestling team and qualified for the regional meet all four years. And he was Senior Class Vice President.

Brown earned a degree in Sports Management from Florida International University in 2023. Then he began coaching young men in basketball.

Not making the high school basketball team had been a big disappointment for him, but he did not let it get him down. Brown decided to create an organization, Build Your Own Legacy. It is a youth traveling basketball team. The program focuses on mentoring and creating an opportunity for young people to play basketball and to achieve academic success.

“We have basketball leagues, we participate in tournaments, and we have mentoring sessions. We teach them things like how to tie a tie and how to treat a female,” he said.

Brown saw he could reach young men through basketball and build a legacy in Homestead.

“I was mentoring and helping kids in my community by giving them a sense of direction. I have about 70 kids in my program,” he said. “I want to make sure the kids don’t experience the disappointments I did.”

Brown is looking forward to his new role as basketball coach.

Homestead struggled last season and Brown will work to change that.

“I want to focus on winning games and bring pride to my hometown team. I don’t want the kids to feel the way I did when I was in high school when I didn’t make the team. I will work to make the basketball team a family. I want to get the kids to be more engaged in the program.”

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