Coral Reef head coach Joseph Petisco with his players.

Coral Reef head coach Joseph Petisco with his players.  

By Christopher Stock

South Dade, Coral Reef, and Palm Glades football teams will visit the Miami Dolphins’ training facilities and meet with players and coaches at practice.

“I think it will be good for our guys to be able to see what an NFL practice looks like and also good for our coaches to pick up some drills and

techniques they’re using at that level,” Coral Reef head coach Joseph Petisco said.

Coral Reef will be the first of 19 teams in the area who will be invited to the facilities and they will be the Dolphins’ first practice of training camp.

“To see our guys go out and see the professional guys practice and be able to know these are the ones that are doing it at the highest level and are ultimately doing what I want to be doing some day,” Petisco said. “What I’ve been talking to them all week is just to pay attention to some of the deliberate things these guys do.”

The teams will also receive a character development talk and have lunch at the facilities.

The visits are targeted to recognize, inspire and increase football participation through personal connections centered on the positive character building aspects of playing the game.

The Dolphins have hosted 75 teams since 2017. The first day of fall practices is on Monday. South Dade is coming off a 10-3 season and an appearance in the 8A regional finals. Coral Reef finished 4-6 in 8A and Palm Glades went

6-5 in 3A.

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