Racing at Homestead Miami got off to a quick start in the New Year as the Florida Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) conducted their Palm Tree Winter Majors event starting on 2 January. Track time started on Friday with practice sessions.

Saturday brought qualifying and short races in 7 different groups and multiple categories. Sunday was the big day with 7 races of 22 laps or 40 minutes


186 cars were entered with participants coming form 24 States plus Porto Rico

and Canada. Cars ranged in age from the most up to date Chevy Camaro GT1s to a 1962 Triumph Spitfire.

Spread across the groups were open wheeled (think Indy / Formula 1 type)

cars in several categories, prototypes, traditional sports cars and American Muscle cars. The largest group / class was the Spec Miata with 39 cars participating. This class by strictly limiting modification provides a very competitive more affordable way to go racing.

The SCCA and its Florida Region are not just for drivers. Members have the opportunity to train and work in positions such as Technical Inspection,

Registration, Scoring and Timing, and as Corner Workers.

These Corner Works are spreadaround the track, providing vital safety information to the racers by the use of flags as well as being trained and equipped to conduct firefighting and rescue operations in the event of a crash.

According to Lori Vitagliano, Volunteer Coordinator there 75 volunteers making the event run smoothly. One of those volunteers, Debra Burke of Ft. Lauderdale, who worked Registration and Merchandize said, ”I’m a part of SCCA because its all about family friendly racing events that bring out a multigeneration group of racers, workers, and spectators to learn about and envoy racing.”

SCCA competitions start with Autocross where all you need is a drivers

license and a vehicle up through the kind of racing seen at Homestead Miami Speedway.

If you are interested in participating as a driver or as race support check out the Region’s website at

SCCA racing will be back at HMS on 15 and 16 February in conjunction with the FARA Miami 500.

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