South Dade High School’s Jaiden Francois.

South Dade High School’s Jaiden Francois. 

Former South Dade standout defensive back Jaiden Francois has decided to transfer from Nebraska after one semester.

Francois, who tied a Dade County record with 12 interceptions as a junior in 2018, picked Nebraska over Miami during the early signing period before enrolling in January and participating in spring practices.

“The decision (to leave) wasn’t really hard, but I had to think about it over some time because obviously Signing Day was pretty much a mess,” Francois said.

Francois’s decision on Signing Day came after about an hour delay to the start of the ceremony with a packed crowd in attendance and teammates next to him waiting to announce their decisions as well. Francois eventually left the gym to contemplate his decision.

“If I could redo it, I would, but at this point I would just give advice to the younger recruits on how to go about things because I was a little misguided about a couple of situations with the school,” Francois said.

The recruiting process and decision-making process took its toll on Francois, who was previously verbally committed to Miami twice.

“I would do everything differently,” Francois said. “I would have stayed more patient and do what’s best for me and not anyone else, and not let anyone else’s opinion affect my decision.”

Francois has been speaking with college coaches to determine his next destination.

“I know it was difficult obviously going through the entire process with recruiting alone and with that being said with what took place at the Signing Day, I think it left him in a complicated situation as an individual trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life in terms of how he wanted to pursue college,” South Dade head coach Nate Hudson said. “He and I sat down and I wanted to make sure he was happy. I don’t have any ill feelings with any decision he made or how things might have turned out from a personal standpoint. It’s just the way of life and to experience it. I’ve been a huge fan of Jaiden and obviously he did a great job here at South Dade. We wish him nothing but the best.

“He’s got some schools out there that he has a great interest for and we’re waiting to see how he wants to pursue it. I’m on board with what he wants to do and I support him to the fullest.”

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