South Dade wrestling champion Bretli Reyna

South Dade wrestling champion Bretli Reyna

South Dade star wrestler Bretli Reyna is doing his best to stay in shape before heading off to college at Iowa.

Reyna, who would typically be working out four or five days a week in addition to competing, but instead his workouts have been much more dialed back.

“I can’t really train as much so I just go for runs with my dad and try to get a little one-on-one practice here and there, but it’s not how it used to be with Monday through Thursday every day so it’s been kind of slow,” Reyna said. “Maybe it’s once a week, once or twice a day, depending on how I feel.”

Under typical conditions Reyna would be involved with freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling to help prepare him for the national tournament in Fargo, N.D. in addition to other offseason tournaments.

He has been in touch with the Iowa staff as he waits to join the 23-time national champs.

“They’ve told me they’re excited for me to be a Hawkeye,” Reyna said. “I’m just excited.

I want to get back on the mat again especially with a powerhouse like Iowa is really exciting. I’m just itching to get back.”

Reyna capped his illustrious prep career with a fourth state championship and finishing with a 224-8 record while etching his legacy into history.

“I’m just very happy that I can accomplish something like that,” Reyna said. “My dad has always mentioned to us how people Earl Hall, Pat Lugo, and Brevin Balmeceda all created a legacy for us, how we should look up to that, and reach for what they did, if not try to do even better. It’s something that has been passed down from the South Dade room to Gladiator, just always looking for the next generation to look up to what the previous generation did. It’s always to strive for better than what they did and if you follow amongst what they did, then you obviously did something great.”

Reyna was named the 2020 Florida Dairy Farmers Mr. Wrestling, the state’s top honor for a wrestler, after going 50-3 and winning the 145-pound title.

“It just means I did something right in the wrestling room and it showed out there,” Reyna said. “I’m glad people noticed I’m one of the best to come out of the state of Florida.”

South Dade won its seventh consecutive state championship with Reyna as one of its three individual champs.

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