Redland Middle School students with some of the plants they displayed at the Miami Dade Fair and Exposition. There were 76 students who participated.

Redland Middle School students with some of the plants they displayed at the Miami Dade Fair and Exposition. There were 76 students who participated. 

A group of Redland Middle School students are hoping to go to Denver to participate in a parliamentary procedure competition in July. The 16 students will need to raise $21,000 to make the trip.

Two teams from Redland earned first and second place at a recent Family Career Community Leaders of America state competition in Orlando and qualified to participate in the national competition. The students are dedicated and looking forward to the opportunity to advance.

Wayne Worthley, who teaches agriscience and advises the parliamentary procedure teams, is proud of their work.

“They have very high content knowledge and practice extensively. They work very well as a team. They pick up on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They began learning the material in class in September but now are on their own with my coaching.”

The students love working together and participating in the competitions. Lilee Sanchez said, “Participating in the competition was fun and I loved being a part of it. Our topic was funding.”

Melany Linares said, “I like to participate in the parliamentary procedure competitions. It was a positive experience for me,” she said.

Ana Paola said, “Competing with the team was fun. We supported each other during the competition,” she said.

Just going to the competition was a lot of fun for the students. Paris Alonso said, “I really liked the bus ride and sitting with my friends. We had a good time together,” she said.

Leah Lopez also liked spending time with her friends on the team.

“I enjoy competing in parliamentary procedure. It was fun,” she said.

Her twin sister Sophia Lopez also enjoyed the experience. Their mother is an alumnus of Redland and competed in the same event under the direction of Worthley in 1998. Sophia was president of her team.

“I enjoyed the competition and being a part of the team.”

Magaly Benitez, also a team president said, “Going to the competition was really a fun and positive experience.”

The Redland Agricultural students also achieved success in growing plants. A group of 76 students took ten plants each to the Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition and received positive evaluations for their work. Each student received $84 for their plants. They showed oreganos, dwarf pomegranates and African Irises.

“They learned the appropriate skills and how to grow those plants. We had good weather and warm days,” said Worthley.

Also, another team from Redland has qualified for the Future Farmers of America (FFA) state competition in June in Orlando. They performed well on a written examination on Conduct of Meetings. They will join two other teams, one competing in parliamentary procedure and other in opening and closing ceremonies.

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