Seniors Robbie Prozek and Dylan Scheu play key positions on both sides of the ball and are counted on to lead Coral Shores for the upcoming season.

“Those are two key components we lean heavy on to lead our team,” head coach Alphonso Bryant said.

At 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, Prozek plays tight end and defensive end.

“With his size and versatility he’s very good coming off the end where he’s a great pass-rusher and he’s also a great receiver as a well,” Bryant said. “He’s done tremendous things for us in his years at the school. He’s a very good student as well and a great athlete.”

Scheu is the team’s quarterback and also plays free safety.

“We’re putting a lot on his shoulders,” Bryant said. “We’re really looking for him to lead the offense to get us in and out of great plays and situations. We feel like he’s capable of doing that. He’s a great kid in the classroom and a great kid on the football field so we really feel he’s going to be a great asset for our offense this year.”

Junior fullback Christian Foote scored all three touchdowns in last week’s kickoff 40-21 loss to Somerset Academy Silver Palms.

“We’re a very young ball club,” Bryant said. “We need to clean up our special teams play. We got off to a great start, but as the game preceded to go on, we didn’t execute the way we were supposed to do on special teams and if we could just clean up some things defensively, we’ll be a much better ball club.”

Coral Shores opens its regular season on Friday night at LaSalle.

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