Illegal lobsters found on the bed of a truck pulling in a boat at the Caribbean Club’s boat ramp.

Illegal lobsters on the bed of a truck pulling in a boat at the Caribbean Club’s boat ramp.

FWC Officers Jessica Diaz and Josh Stallings were conducting resource inspections at the Caribbean Club boat ramp (MM104) in the early morning hours, 2 am, Tuesday, Aug. 17.

The officers observed a vessel, blacked out, approaching the ramp without any visible navigation lights displayed. Officers observed the man retrieve his vehicle and back his trailer in the water.

Officers Diaz then conducted a vessel stop and a subsequent resource inspection. The man indicated he was a commercial bullynet fisherman. Upon request, the man was not able to produce an SPL (Saltwater Products License).

The operator, Giovanni Jesus Pirez , 35, of Hialeah, later pulled an SPL up on his phone that did not have a CN endorsement (For Bullynet Vessels) or any other endorsement.

Officer Diaz found that the man was in possession of 39 Florida spiny lobsters, well over the recreational bag limit.

Officer Stallings asked for a vessel registration. The registration did not show the vessel was registered as a commercial vessel either. The man also did not have any commercial numbers or a CN (BullyNet Number) decal.

Officers ran his driver’s license number through FWC dispatch. Dispatch advised that the man’s driver’s license was expired by at least a year and that he had a confirmed warrant for his arrest issued out of Miami-Dade county (Non-extraditable.) Pirez had previous failures to appear on several traffic offenses in Miami-Dade County. As such, Officer Diaz placed Pirez under arrest. Officer Stallings transported him to the Plantation Key Jail for processing. Pirez was charged with -

1) Possession of 33 Over the Limit of Lobsters

2) No CN- BullyNet License Number

3) No Commercial Registration for Vessel

4) No CN- Numbers Displayed on vessel (BullyNet Numbers).

Pirez was also issued Boating Citations for Safety Gear.

The live lobsters were photographed and released back into the water.

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