Perhaps you remember beach days at  Tahiti Beach in Coconut Grove, Matheson Hammock, Homestead’s Bay Front Park and for those wishing to travel, Crandon Park on Key Biscayne which housed the original Miami Zoo. In later years, let’s not forget Ft. Lauderdale Beach during Spring Break.

Well, there is a new beach in town as the Homestead-Miami Speedway opens Ally Beach for the Ford Championship Weekend.

This 7-acre, in-field lake is fed from a fresh-water spring. It has a 20,000 square foot private beach that is perfectly located with fantastic views and exciting sounds of the track. Homestead can brag it has the only beach at a raceway in the United States.

Not being able to wait for the Grand Opening, I decided to check it out the Sunday before. Arriving on a gorgeous Florida morning with visions from the movie “10”, I was pleasantly surprised to find my own Bo Derrick waiting for a picture session…oh how I love the perks of this reporting job!

Back to business…the upcoming Grand Opening will have live entertainment, use of a variety of kayaks, paddle boards, swimming and more, all without the fear of sharks. There will be a wide selection of tasty, unique foods, a well-rounded selection of beverages along with plenty of lounge chairs.

The Homestead-Miami Speedway will be internationally known for bringing a bit of South Beach charm to the action at the fabulous track.

As for me, I’ll savor my private moment…Clark Kent, eat your heart out!

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that is too cool! another crown jewel of homestead.

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