Great crowds turned out for Truck Meet 2021.

Great crowds turned out for Truck Meet 2021.

As Spring Break descends on South Florida once again, traditions have changed in this age of Corona-virus.

And much like how Daytona was once a hotspot for Spring Breakers, South Florida will be hosting even more public events this year in its stead, like the Florida Truck Meet.

Billed as ‘The Largest Truck Show In The World’ the annual Daytona Truck Meet has been rebranded, and will be held instead this year at the Homestead Motor Speedway, running from June 10 through 12.

Originally started back in 2014 with over 500 trucks, the event ballooned into 5,000 trucks last year – with approximately 50,000 spectators, alongside over 2 miles of vendor booths – and will once again draw truck enthusiasts from all over the country to bask in the sun and shine of all things chrome and 4X4 this year.

With the show outgrowing Daytona Beach as a result, organizers scrambled to find a new location to host the expanding outdoor extravaganza.

After looking into several spots throughout the state, the Truck Meet Team finally agreed to our Homestead site for 2022.

And just like how Spring ultimately turns into Summer, this looks to be just as hot as the temperatures that time of year when the three-day fest rolls in later this year.

While Covid protocols and mandates continue to loosen, and large-scale outside activities become the norm once again, Homestead and South Florida will see even more visitors from near and far, to explore the fun and attractions of the area.

So let’s all please stay safe and enjoy the upcoming fun!

Or as my favorite truck, Optimus Prime from Transformers, used to say: “Roll Out”!

For more information, registration, and/or tickets, visit the Florida Truck Meet website at

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