Players take to the field at the new AYSO fields in Homestead.

Players take to the field at the new AYSO fields in Homestead.   

The AYSO Homestead youth soccer leagues completed its fall season with over 500 participants and 60 teams participating on seven new fields.

“The fall registration was great success,” AYSO regional commissioner Sam De La Rosa said. “It’s growing and it’s striving.”

The leagues consist of boys and girls teams in 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, and high school divisions. Three-year-olds are also involved in the league’s playground division.

The seven new fields were introduced at the opening ceremony before the season began with city council members in attendance. The fields, which are maintained by the City of Homestead, sit on close to five acres with high-quality Bermuda grass and an irrigation system.

“It was really a game-changer,” De La Rosa said. “During the season when I was walking around I couldn’t believe it. We are used to going to other cities where we’re playing on these types of fields and we kind of dreamed of it one day. We’ve got it now.”

The season concluded with a picnic for the coaches and their families catered by Shiver’s Bar-B-Q. Coaching equipment was raffled off during the event.

Bomnin Chevrolet Homestead donated $2,000 to the league, which they plan to use for purchasing new goals for the spring season.

“As we grow AYSO I’m going to make my promise to do whatever I can to make it a great experience and to try to enrich the children’s lives in our community,” De La Rosa said.

There are two tournaments coming up for the leagues’ top players with one this weekend in Islamorada and one next month in West Palm Beach.

“We want to make sure 

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