The following species reopened to recreational harvest May 1st in Florida state and federal waters of the Atlantic: red porgy; hogfish; blueline tilefish; gag, black, red, yellowmouth and yellowfin grouper; scamp; red hind; rock hind; coney; and graysby.

Red porgy will remain open through June 30, 2023, on the east coast of Florida. Blueline tilefish will remain open through Aug. 1, 2023, on the east coast of Florida and all state waters off Monroe County. Hogfish will remain open through Oct. 31, 2023, on the east coast of Florida as well as all state and federal waters south of Cape Sable, including the Florida Keys. Grouper species listed above will remain open through Dec. 31, 2023, on the east coast of Florida and all state waters off Monroe County.

As a reminder, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently approved regulation changes to red porgy that included reducing the bag limit from three to one fish per person/day and establishing an open season of May-June.

The State Reef Fish Survey provides the FWC with a clearer picture of stock health, please make sure you are signed up as a State Reef Fish Angler. This designation is required for recreational anglers and spearfishers who intend to fish for or harvest certain reef fish species from a private vessel in Florida. To learn more about the State Reef Fish Survey, visit MyFWC.com/SRFS.

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