At Homestead Senior High School's ball field, #12, Bronco Junior John Ader is off and running.

At Homestead Senior High School's ball field, #12, Bronco Junior John Ader is off and running. 

Sports, at its best, symbolizes the constant struggle to persevere in the face of uncertain odds; much like the Homestead Broncos did this baseball season.

I got to witness this firsthand at their final home non-conference game on April 29, when they were up against the Chargers from North Miami Beach High School.

Now while starting out with a score of 0-3 in the first inning at home isn’t the worst, when it became 0-14 by the third inning, it started to look bleak for Homestead Senior High School’s varsity baseball team.

But just like they’ve been doing all year, the Broncos continued to fight on, ultimately winning over the Chargers with a 19-18 win.

After the game, Sherry Ader – mother of junior John Ader, #12 – spoke about how she never lost hope in the team.

“It was amazing,” said Ader. “When we were down 14 to 2, the catcher, I told him we’re going to win, and he just looked at me.”

Ader also talked about the Broncos blessed season, which she said had been a long time coming.

“This is the best this team has done in three years, so it shows you that God is good,” Ader said.

Additionally, Ader discussed how she thought they were able to pull off their successes as a true team effort.

“They all came together, they worked together,” said Ader, “the great coaching, and everybody hitting, and fielding, they did phenomenal.”

Lastly, Ader shared her dream for them next year.

“I want to see them win state, my son will be a senior, we got a lot of talent on the team,” Ader said.

With a team of 18 players, the Broncos may not be the biggest baseball team, but what they lack in numbers, they definitely make up for in heart, will, and determination.

Speaking with their coach, Bruce Berman, after the game, he summed up the team’s remarkable 2022 season.

“Every game has been close, or we’ve won, or we’ve been leading at some time, or battled all year,” said Berman. “We haven’t had a year like this since I can remember.”

As such, Berman attributes their successful year to the team’s synergy, noting the importance of all the players.

“It’s been comradery, it’s been a team effort this year, '' Berman said. “If somebody's down, somebody else picks them up. This year, we haven’t been dependent on one guy all year to carry us, it’s been a team effort.”

In true fighting spirit, Berman also shared how even when things looked tough, they’d continue to grapple toward victories on the field.

“We’ve been down a couple times during the year, we battled back, and won games like that,” said Berman.

Berman further noted how he is even more excited for what his Broncos have in store next year.

“I’m losing two guys this year, but I have guys coming in,” Berman said. “The future looks good, I’m excited about the future,” said Berman.

And since sports are nothing without spectators, Berman also took time to thank those who came out for his team, and beyond.

“We appreciate the fan support we get, we got great fans, a great school,” said Berman.

Now while the Broncos lost to the Southridge Spartans by 3-13 in the division quarterfinals on May 2, ending their season with 10 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie, something tells me that those Broncos will proudly keep on bucking no matter what happens when they return in 2023.

For those interested in doing so with them, Berman also added an open invitation.

“Anybody who wants to play baseball,” Berman said, “we’re here.”

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