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Letters to the Editor

Monday 12/31/2018
Letter to the Editor

l am writing you because I just wanted you to know how great an experience it was for me to read your paper. My wife and I moved to Homestead, on August 24th of this year, and I go to the Royal Palm Drug Store Café, most every day to have a breakfast, and read the paper. The paper I am referring to is the Miami Herald, which 95% of the paper is not worth reading, but at least something to read, when eating my breakfast. The paper didn't come Dec 10th, so I saw the News Leader paper on the counter at Royal Palm Drug, so I picked one up.

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Thursday 11/29/2018
Op-Ed: Floridians Need Help Coping with More Intense Hurricanes and Rising Sea Levels

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Michael is a fresh reminder of how vulnerable Florida communities are to intense storms.

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Friday 11/02/2018
Letters to the Editor - For local officials, there is no off season

Sports coaches are fond of saying, “championships are won in the offseason.” It pays homage to the hard work and dedication that goes into preparing for the season ahead. It also means that for winning teams, there really is no offseason.

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OP-ED Let’s put partisanship aside, and get it done

For nearly four years, I have worked to represent our South Florida community in a solutions-oriented, bipartisan way. I believe that strategy is the only way we will see progress on the most challenging issues facing our community and our country today. I am proud of the work we’ve done together to strengthen our economy, protect children’s identities,

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Friday 10/26/2018
Op-Ed - Sustainable and Achievable Water Policy

Water is critical to the Florida way of life, and in no other area is that more clear than in our House District 120. With a national marine sanctuary at one end of the district and local family farmers growing crops found nowhere else in our country at the other, water is life to South Florida. As a result, we have always been engaged and committed to balancing environmental protection with managing the water resource needs of our communities. Completing a central sewer system in the Florida Keys was close to a billion-dollar endeavor- a cost borne not just by local, state, and federal dollars, but by our

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Thursday 10/04/2018
Op-Ed - Let’s Protect our South Dade Growers from Unfair Trade Practices

Last Sunday, the Administration submitted to Congress final text for its renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or as President Trump prefers to call it USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement). The three countries are expected to sign the agreement by November 30th. Congress will then initiate its own process for considering the Administration’s signed agreement with Mexico and Canada sometime during the first half of 2019. Some provisions like digital commerce and environmental enforcements in the current agreement should be applauded, but some of the most contentious provisions like the sunset clause and auto rules of origin were certainly not what we were hoping for. In the initial phases of the renegotiation process, it seemed the Administration wanted to include a seasonality/perishable provision that would have provided our specialty crop growers in South Dade with the tools and protections they need to compete in a fair way. Unfortunately, they fell through on their promise to put Americans like specialty crop growers first.

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Sunday 09/30/2018
Letter to the Editor - Important Zoning Meeting

This Wednesday, October 3rd, the county commission will hold a meeting downtown in chambers beginning at 9:30. The name and I.D. number of the Application is Estates of Biscayne, LLC Z2017000169.

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Friday 08/24/2018
Op-Ed - Leave it to the STATES

For decades, the United States has debated cannabis. Whether it’s the medical benefits of the plant, the economic benefits it could have for legal, state-regulated small businesses, or the role legalization could have in product safety and combatting drug trafficking, this hot-button issue has attracted a great deal of discussion among the American people and their representatives at all levels of government.

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Support Local Leadership for State Post

Listen up friends. This is only a once in a lifetime that we have the opportunity to elect a person from this area to represent us in Tallahassee as the Commissioner of Agriculture, Mayor Jeff Porter. We need Mayor Jeff Porter, who is one of us who was born in Homestead and raised in the South Dade area, who knows our needs and will do what is best for us down here instead of someone else up the road who does not even know where Homestead and Florida City are. Mayor Jeff Porter cannot do it alone. He needs all of our help. He has kept his word on everything he has said and done.

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Thursday 08/23/2018
South Dade Needs Rail, Not Buses, To Ensure Future Economic Growth

I would suggest to run rail any farther southward past 152 Street would be a

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Friday 08/17/2018
OP-ED - Dolphin Protest Brings Division

When anyone living in and enjoying the freedoms given within the borders of the United States of America defiles,

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Monday 08/13/2018
Op-Ed: Rail Was Promised. Rail Should Be Delivered

Last month’s Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) meeting was, at best, disappointing. The TPO, made-up of Miami-Dade County Commissioners plus local elected officials, convened on July 19 to review and vote on a locally preferred mode of transit for the South Dade Corridor.

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