Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Sen Marco Rubio's August 23, 2019 article "Realistic Solutions to Changing Climate Do Exist' is both humorous and pathetic in my opinion.

The doomsayers on the left predict the end is near, in 12 years. The doomsayers on the right say "we can fix it".

Both sides are wrong. I'm willing to bet that the world will not end in 12 years and also that we cannot "fix" climate change/weather/global warming or whatever you call it now days. Climate/weather is not static, that is why people on tv get paid a lot of money to guess what the weather will be today and tomorrow. If it stayed the same you wouldn't need them.

Personally, I don't, I can look at the radar and predict about as good as they can. Politicians at the local, state and federal level are the cause of all the problems we are facing now. They are the ones proposing and passing legislation we have to live with. Sea levels have fluctuated since the last ice age and rise is approximately 1 millimeter per year. Not a scary amount. Have any islands disappeared under the waves like Atlantis? Using children as an emotional tool to beat their parents is a leftist tool and so is the 80 year in the future prediction that almost no one alive today will be able to verify.

Near the end of your article you write "Government action required, You can't save the climate by going vegan". That is 100% right and wrong at the same time. Can the government stop a hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, earthquake?

In the last paragraph Marco writes about the next generation. Several generations ago when I was a child in the 70's we were told to expect an upcoming ice age, My how times have changed.


Rep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell's column "I'm taking on one of the biggest

challenges facing our country: health care" is filled with hyperbolic protestations.

Debbie, if you would please answer the following questions. If access to quality health care is one of the biggest challenges facing our country why not remove all the illegal aliens so there is more access for American citizens. Why do people from other countries come here to get medical care? Which families have to choose between proper medical care or putting food on their tables?

Our health system has been under attack since the Obama administration with the passage of the ACA. Forcing small and rural hospitals to conform to the uncountable mandates is more of a reason they have and are closing than anything happening now.

Where is the right of the people to choose whether to purchase medical insurance or not? Anyone with a brain could tell you that forcing someone to buy something that they do not want, the ACA (obamacare) and then penalizing them for not doing so is not morally right.

Your statement "In the House, we've passed legislation to eliminate 'junk insurance' plans that don't cover a wide range of health services and often don't cover preexisting conditions" is one of the bigger problems of Obamacare. Why should I have to purchase a healthcare plan that covers mammograms or pregnancy issues? I'm a man and my preferred pronoun is man.

Like with most things, America is the greatest country the world has ever seen and probably ever will have because leftists like you Debbie are trying to turn it along with the rest of the world into a socialist utopia, where everyone is the same, poor, powerless and hungry except you the ruling class.

Give it a break already, stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

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