With the wall stifled by Congress, President Trump has come up with a partial solution to illegals crossing our border…force Mexico to close off their southern border and stop aiding illegals to the U.S. border. His plan, a tariff on imports from Mexico has its pitfalls and merits.

For too long Mexico has ignored our pleas to do their part knowing those fleeing neighboring countries have no intention of relocating in Mexico where conditions are not much better then what they left behind in their homeland.

Recently, the U.S. placed a long overdue duty of 17.5% on tomatoes that some experts claim could raise U.S. consumer prices between 40% to 85%. Do the math…there’s a big gap between the 17.5% duty and the projected price increases. Who keeps that difference, the middlemen and retail outlets? Now, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, a group representing importers and distributors of Mexican produce, question the negative affect this additional duty will have on the American consumer. Yes, they are correct…prices will increase but in the long run it will “level the playing field for our farmers.”

Fellow Americans, we have put ourselves in a dangerous situation by becoming dependent of foreign sources for our food while failing to protect our United States Farmers. Though it might be painful in the pocketbook for awhile with this tariff, we need to rely on producing our own food before we become so dependent on countries like Mexico who will use food supplies as a hostage in future negotiating. We either pay a little more now or prepare to face a far greater problem in the future.

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