Congressman Carlos Gimenez

It is time for the United States to reaffirm its commitment to combatting communism and authoritarianism around the world. As the leader of the free world, we must continue to stand up for the universal values of freedom, liberty, democracy, and peace. That is why I am introducing the Combatting Communist Act with my colleagues to create a Special Envoy to retool

American foreign policy to counter communist and authoritarian governments around the world, creating a bridge between the United States and all the freedom-fighting people currently stuck in oppressive, communist, and authoritarian governments.

Today, far too many people around the world are still in search of freedom. The yearning for democracy, for peace, for prosperity is universal – independent of your race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. It’s on the very ideals on which America – the most incredible, abundant, and free country in the world – was founded, and why so many have fled here.

Whether we’re talking about the brave members of the Cuban exile who sought safety from the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, or those from Venezuela who fled the brutal Chavez/Maduro regime, or Nicaraguans who left their homeland because of the butchery by Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas, America continues to be a melting pot of people and cultures, all threaded together by a common aspiration to freedom and democracy By retooling our foreign policy, we are sending a strong signal to the world that there is no room for oppressive governments who violate basic human rights, who stifle the free expression of its people, who undermine democratic elections and

institutions, and who unravel its people’s economic rights.

Communism kills. Authoritarianism kills. Freedom and liberty must prevail.

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