Michael J. Marcus, Esq.

Michael J. Marcus, Esq.

The degradation of polite society is evidenced by a lack of respect.

There has developed a lack of respect for violence, to which we, both individually and as a society, are becoming desensitized. Examples of this arises in the graphic video games which are enjoyed by the digitally aware members of society and in the violent subject matter of television shows and movies to which we are subjected every day from every media outlet. Our lives are saturated with, and we now accept as normal, unjustified violence of all kind and description.

As to the effect of video games on the populace, some of the most popular video games have the most deleterious effect on members of our society. War, crime and violence are glorified. In fact, skill and success in these endeavors is the goal of the “winners” in some of these games. The virtual nature of this practice leads to desensitize us to the impact and effect of this exercise. To some extent, it is our sensitivity and visceral reaction to the heinous nature of violent crime and its’ consequences, that is an impediment to the commission of more violent crimes in our society. Is it wise to temper this sensitivity by justifying such behavior in a virtual, rather than the real world, when some members of our society can’t distinguish the difference? It seems that we may be losing respect for unacceptable behavior and its consequences in the real world.

Regarding violent television and movie fare, a particularly egregious example, in my opinion, is the cult following of television series’ such as “The Walking Dead”. In that graphic offering, it is perfectly permissible and advisable to decapitate an individual “whom” you perceive as a lesser being.

“The Purge” movie and its sequels, and now a popular television series justify and legitimize a single night of excused rape, killing, mayhem and destruction every year.

Another recent popular multimedia offering embraces and glorifies criminality as something to be aspired. It is the current movie, the “Joker”. These forms of “entertainment” establish an abhorrent normality and set extremely bad precedents for society!

There is a need for violence in society…. under limited and controlled circumstances. Justifiable violence is statutorily allowed and acceptable under specific controls, protective circumstances and by appropriately authorized individuals. Unjustified or unwarranted violence is never acceptable. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly more commonplace. We, as a society, are losing respect for, and are becoming desensitized to, the uncontrolled use of gratuitous violence.

To overcome our general lack of respect for humanity and the use of violence, we must focus on the appropriate use of our “RESPECT” to stabilize proper society.

Michael J. Marcus Esq. is a second generation lawyer in our South Miami-Dade Community. He currently engages in general practice of law with an emphasis on business, real property and probate.

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