Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The Democrat party has abused the term liberal and cannot be called that anymore, they must be called amoral leftists.

OR,They may suffer from psychosis – an acute or chronic mental state marked by loss of contact with reality, a distorted or nonexistent sense of objective reality.

The root word for liberal means free. That is anti-thetical to the current Democrat party. They are opposed to freedom, wanting to limit or eliminate many of the freedoms given us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They want to restrict our freedom of speech or dox us if they do not like what we say or who we support, compel us to use pronouns that are inaccurate, and lock us up if we do not believe and support their global warming/climate change apocalyptic fantasy.

The media is complicit and has their full support, pushing false narratives.

They want to take away our freedom to own, keep and carry firearms to protect ourselves and people we love and care for, while having armed security at their jobs and homes. They support sanctuary cities for illegal aliens but not Second Amendment sanctuary cities/counties.

They want to be able to be able to enter our homes without probable cause and take our property without a crime taking place.

They want to demy President Trump the right to a fair and speedy impeachment trial. Does Pelosi get to decide if the trial is fair, is she judge, jury and executioner?

They want to nullify our votes by giving illegal aliens drivers licenses and with that be able to register to vote. They want to do away with the Electoral College and institute a popular vote for presidential elections.

They eulogize Islamic murderers but neglect families that have lost loved ones by these same barbarians.

They want to pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges that will overrule the will of the people and make law from the bench instead of Congress.

They want to let males compete against females and say it is an even match.

I would gladly engage in debate with anyone that disagrees with me.

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