This is getting ridiculous. To have a city fight to protect criminals goes against all that America stands for.

We are a country of laws, you cannot pick and choose which law you want to follow. Either you follow all of them or anarchy will reign. There are many laws that I don't agree with but I still follow them, because that is what civilized people do.

Criminals by the very definition of the word do not follow the rules of society. Where is the difference between criminals and the South Miami commission? They and the illegal immigrant advocacy groups that have filed the suit allege it will lead to racial profiling, civil rights violations and unjust deportations.

Racial profiling does happen against more than just brown and black skinned people. Harvard has been sued for discriminating against Asian people, white people are discriminated against for being white and having white privilege.

My civil rights have been violated by being banned from twitter and I am not allowed to carry a firearm wherever I want.

People that are being deported have been adjudicated by a court for being here illegally. Law enforcement agencies are supposed to do what? ENFORCE THE LAW. Some of these illegals have murdered innocent people, sexually abused children and women, and committed other felonies that have caused them to be deported. They are not being deported because they have a certain color skin.

They also claim that the Sanctuary City Ban is rooted in anti-immigrant animus. That is bovine excrement. America allows more legal immigration than all the rest of the world combined. I believe the number is over one million legal immigrants who have spent thousands of dollars, waited years to get here and want to become citizens.

I agree with Sen Gruters when he said it is a reckless and irresponsible and also a wasteful expenditure of taxpayer money to protect criminals and IT IS ABOUT PUBLIC SAFETY. The plaintiffs, a bunch of hate America leftists want a court to deem the law unconstitutional, I guess like the Democrats in 2010 deemed Obamacare passed without voting on it, they just want what they want. At the end of the article the plaintiffs claim their resources have been strained and now illegal immigrants cannot get information on public education and voter registration. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Why should illegal immigrants get a free public education and voting is for American citizens. My head is about to explode. Maybe it would be better if the plaintiffs used their resources to help American citizens not illegal immigrants.

Oh well, that's just my crazy way of thinking.

I wonder if Debbie has read the latest MIT research on global warming.

Dr Walter Williams is one of the most intelligent men that have ever put ink to paper. His July 19. 2019 column is a great one. A spot on commentary of today's society and some of the root causes of it. I have said for a long time that a firearm is an inanimate object that requires human interaction to function. It is the person that causes the violence not the object.

I liked Phil's article on Chick-fil-A. We love eating there and do so every time we are close. The manager in Doral remembered our grandson from a previous visit and was so friendly and offered him a free ice cream. The food is first rate, service is excellent and the Christian and family values of the company are the reason we keep going back. It is the only fast food restaurant we like to eat at, they are #1 in our book. I am getting my cowstume ready for next year.

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