The article written by Charlie Hudson, "True Meaning of Christmas", Dec 25, 2020, is nice, warm and fuzzy, but wrong.

The true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ, the son of God, savior of believers. Although the true date of Jesus birth is not known, this date was chosen by early Christian leaders.

Contemporary society through advertising and greed has perverted the giving of the greatest gift to giving many and expensive gifts. You rarely see the words Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime during this season. Why do we only see expensive car and diamond jewelry advertisements at this time of the year? Also, why does someone who doesn't care about you the rest of the year give you a present at the end of December? After all there are 364 other days of the year.

The gift of salvation from having an intimate knowledge of and with Jesus is the best gift anyone could receive. The gifts that these well meaning people give to others throughout the year will eventually degrade, be broken and thrown away, but salvation is forever.

It is somewhat admirable the work done by people like this, but works without faith is meaningless.

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