Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In her column, Nikki Fried writes, “Its time to face the facts on energy and

climate.”, and procedes to claim that GHG’s have increased 400 percent since 1950.

With a quick search, I found a NBC article stating, “Since 1750, WMO says, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have risen 39 percent, those of nitrous oxide have gone up 20 percent and concentrations of methane jumped 158 percent.” Who is lying?

She then claims we are the third largest state. In what, size, coastline,

population? She goes on making claims without giving any citations to prove

anything she says.

Like with all leftists, she claims me must change how we use energy, but then never does what she says we should do. And also how we approach the looming climate crisis, which has looming since the 1970’s. She wants to establish a pilot program for electric car chargers. What do you think they power those electric chargers with, wind and solar? No, those dreaded so-called fossil fuels which she bashes, and she doesn’t address nuclear power. What is the carbon footprint of building all those electric cars and what about the disposal of the lithium-ion

batteries. She closes out stating, “The science is real. Our climate is changing. Our energy use is unsustainable.”

Good talking points, but meaningless. Science is reproducible results, climate and weather are used interchangeably and without so-called fossil fuels our economy would crash and huge numbers of people would suffer and/die. So-called fossil fuels have allowed us to live the lifestyles and have the society we currently have. What lifestyle do you want to live?

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