Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I was going to go off on the Dec 13, 2019 article, “Group Seeks Green Light for Assault Weapons Ban” but thought I would take another tack. Instead of going after the purposefully ambiguous language of their proposed Florida Constitutional amendment, I will just ask this question. Do you have the moral authority to force someone to do what you want or to deceive them? Really doesn’t matter what it is, do you have the moral authority to do it?

My answer is no! Only bad people want to do that. This is especially true when it concerns the ability of someone to protect themselves against harm through direct threat or deceit/coercion.

In today’s world, morality is considered relative. Who are you to tell me what is right or wrong? Without a clear moral authority that is what you get. If you believe in GOD then you have that clear baseline, his Word. Fallen people do not want to be judged and therefore reject the authority of GOD. Deceit came into being when Satan in the guise of a serpent tempted Eve into questioning the moral authority of GOD. Since that day mankind has sought to put their definition of morality above that of GOD.

And here we are.

A need is necessary, e.g. you need to breath; a want is a desire, e.g. I want a new car. Your wants do not trump my needs. So, stop trying to deceive people and force them to do what you want.

Finally, if you do not have the wisdom of GOD, you do not have the moral authority to tell me what to do.

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