Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Our family has owned a home in the Keys Gate community for more than a quarter- century and we regularly attend homeowners meetings with our neighbors.

In fact, at a recent homeowners meeting we had the benefit of an excellent discussion about the proposed Catastrophe Salvage Center for inoperable vehicles in the Homestead Commerce Park.

The Copart representatives were very professional and answered all questions forthrightly. I thanked them for reaching out to Keys Gaters to describe the project that includes a high masonry, tree-lined wall and hedge around the property and a tax benefit to the city of Homestead and taxpayers amounting to about $270,000 annually.

Until that February meeting I was unaware of this project, nor had I met or knew Copart's representatives. I have No relationship or affiliation with them or Copart. My interest is as a citizen who owns a home in Keys Gate and who takes an interest in our growing and ever-changing community.

We have watched our neighborhood change from a retirement community with lots of open lands surrounding the very nice Keys Gate development with a beautiful golf course and clubhouse to an area near the Speedway with working families, children and schools, and hundreds of new homes, condos and townhouses and sadly no golf course and a clubhouse in need of substantial repairs.

We enjoy shopping, dining, going to the new movie theater and The Seminole. And, compliments to the City Council and Staff for their efforts to improve Homestead's downtown with the new City Hall, Police Station and ShowBiz!

My neighbors and I want to thank the City Council and Staff for giving the Copart project serious consideration. It is compatible with the Air Force Reseve Base, will improve 98 acres of overgrown land in the Commerce Park, benefit the city of Homestead and city taxpayers.


Charles Butler, Keys Gate in Homestead

P.S. I look forward to picking up a copy of the South Dade News Leader every Friday morning at the Royal Palm Clubhouse and enjoy keeping up with Local area news in your paper. Thank you.

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