letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor


After all these years on Planet Earth, thought I knew just about everything regarding my fellow man. I was wrong.

still have lots to learn. I thought that if a person wanted something, he would go out and work honorably for it. It is hard for me to understand that so called good friends turn against each other in order to achieve for themselves at the expense of others, without shame.

As election time nears, I am seeing friends of long ago starting to turn against each other, not caring if it hurts the other person or their families. If you want to aspire to the City Council, you should do it on your own good merits and not on the back of others. After all, when the election is over, we still have to speak to one another. Why would anyone running for election bad mouth another person, such as our good City Manager and members of our City Council, Police Chief and Department Heads, who in my opinion are doing a great job for our city and citizens of our community.

I, for one, have faith in the City Manager, the City Council Members, the Department Heads and the other employees of this great city, who are responsible for the progression this city is making for our future. I can live anywhere I want, but choose to stay and live in this great city because of their dedication for what they have done and are doing to make this a city to be proud of.

Come on guys, let’s give credit where credit is due and do away with the negativism in order to enhance yourselves at their expense.

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