Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Some keep asking, "when will it stop"? One witch hunt after another! Each one, a total waste of time and millions of dollars, OUR tax dollars, Collusion with Russia, Stormy Daniels, now the Ukraine witch hunt.

Let's not forget the "Trump is a Racist", accusations. All of this keeps reminding me of when I read an article in the News Leader, August 9th of this year, written by Walter Williams, a very respected professor of economics at George Mason University, titled, "Was Trump Right About Baltimore". Wow, what a beautiful, informative, accurate write, that was!

What is really important here to note is, that everything Walter wrote in his article was backed up by accurate numbers that do not lie, as well as explaining very clearly that "it all begins at home with the family unit".

Those of you that did not read this article back on August 9th of this year, please look it up and read it! Not a racist rant based entirely upon his own personal opinions, like when Leonard Pitts, a so called journalist for the Miami Herald so often does.

Funny, I wrote Leonard Pitts 3 months before Donald Trump became President, and mentioned to him back then that when he wakes up on election day in 2016, and sees that Donald Trump won, he may need to re-think his baseless racist rants.

2020 will be, the biggest landslide win in history. Donald Trump will most definitely be re-elected for another 4 years. Our economy, never has been this strong in all of my 70 years of life on planet earth! I sincerely believe that God put Donald Trump in the White House, to do exactly what he has done, Drain the swamp, get rid of corruption, tighten up our borders, and most importantly, bring God back into the White House.

No matter what denomination you may be, all Christians know well that "God did not come for the righteous, but for the lowly", and to turn them around and have them do great things. God put Donald Trump into the White House, for two terms as President, and he will be instrumental in bringing peace to the entire world, and the United States of America will experience

prosperity such as we have never known, bringing protection to our borders, well beyond anything we have ever dreamed of.

Come one, come all, but come legally! Donald Trump did not come into the White House as a praying president, but the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire him to bring God back into the White House, as well as back into our schools, throughout the country.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we are experiencing the most exciting times of our lives. Just sit back, and watch the Holy Spirit work. Our God is a God of order, not dis-order. So many of our brothers and sisters are consumed with so much hate, its all they think of, and all they have to campaign on.


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