Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor


I am so sad to learn that an individual would stoop so low in attacking our City Manager, Mayor Porter, Chief Rolle and the City Council, who have and are still doing a great job for our city, so that he can win the upcoming election by insinuation, half-truths, half-lies, and accusation. His hatred for them spewing from his mouth.

He knows had it not been for the City Manager, Mayor Porter, and the City Council there would not be a new bowling alley, a four story garage, new city library, restaurants, shops, a transit bus system for our parks, a new city hall, a new police station, an increase in size for Losner Park, many new businesses throughout the city and much more.

And yes, he is right in that the City Manager, Mayor Porter, the City Council and the Police Chief are guilty for balancing the budget, no increase in taxes, crime down for the first time in many years, the dedicated employees of all of the departments of our city working for the betterment of our city for the benefit of our citizens.

People, don’t be fooled with his cheap talk. Tell us sir, what have you done in the past 10 years for the citizens and this great city, other than to embarrass us all with your foul mouth and trying to fool the voters with all of your lies.

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