Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

 Anniversaries that mark tragic events are sometimes hard to observe, but necessary.  My mom says she can remember where she was the day President Kennedy was assassinated, I  remember vividly the morning of 9/11 and watching the twin towers collapse, and I’m sure  everyone who lives in South Florida remembers St. Valentine’s day 2018.  Days like these are hard to observe because they violate our sense of normalcy.  They are necessary to remind us that the world is filled with evil people that seek to do harm to others.  Feelings are good to have, but you shouldn’t let them control your life, or attempt to control others with your  feelings.         

In John Haughey’s article in the News Leader, Feb 21, 2020, he lists several gun-control  and civil rights pieces of legislation proposed by the Florida House and Senate.  A right is something no one can take away without force, a privilege is something granted by someone  by another.  The gun-control pieces would take away the rights of law-abiding citizens and do nothing to limit the criminal element.  How do raising the age to purchase a firearm, a three- day waiting period, banning bump stocks and red flag laws not violate our civil rights?   On the other hand, the civil rights legislation proposed would allow law-abiding citizens to  protect themselves and the people they care for.  Allowing elected members of governing bodies to carry at public meetings would certainly be beneficial, as would campus carry and constitutional carry.        Driving an automobile in America is a privilege, but leftist controlled states are giving illegal aliens drivers licenses.  Why the dichotomy.         

The most abused Amendment in the Bill of Rights has been the Second Amendment.  The one that specifically states ‘the “right” of the people “shall” not be infringed.’   Anyone without bias and did any research into the subject would say that this amendment has been severely  restricted.  Not all, but many lawmakers proposing gun-control are leftist/democrats.  They are not anti-gun lawmakers; they are ANTI-CIVIL RIGHTS LAWMAKERS.  The founding fathers did not restrict the weapons that Americans owned, kept or carried.  They had repeating firearms, hell they could even have cannons and warships if they wanted and had the money.   Furthermore, all able-bodied men of age 16-65 were supposed to carry their weapons, shot and powder at all times.  The founding fathers were immensely more intelligent than the clowns in government today.  Imagine if the tyrants of today were the ones writing the Bill of Rights.  When they get done gutting the Second Amendment, which one will be next?    Freedom of speech is being censored across America, online and on campus.  Civil asset forfeiture.  Does anyone think we would have any freedoms at all?      I frame the Bill of Rights as a moral issue.  What moral authority do you possess that allows you to dictate what, when and how I defend myself and the people whom I love from animals, both four legged and two?  The answer is absolutely none.  I will not sacrifice my rights  because of your feelings or fears.   

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