This is in response to the op-ed by Rep. Mucarsel-Powell, May 10, 2019, pg 7A.

I was disappointed when DM-P won her seat in Congress in 2016. Her latest

op-ed is a prime example of why. Little substance with a lot of virtual signaling.

Climate change used to be called global warming until there was no more

warming, then it became climate change. Water vapor in clouds cause more warming than CO2. Ever notice how it is cooler at night when we have no cloud cover? In 1895 the New York Times headline “Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again. In 1959 their headline read, “Arctic Findings in Particular Support Theory of Rising Global Temperatures”. That was fast.

I read the UN IBPES and their claim of one million species facing extinction, yet thy do not list one species. Should be easy to list at least a couple so we can help.

State researchers say accounts of red tide events date back hundreds of years to the first arrivals of European settlers in Florida.

Single use straws ban began with a 9 years old child’s survey and was glommed onto and pushed by the media and activists. Five countries in Asia worst plastic polluters, America is 20th on two lists and 12th on one.

Sea level rise as stated from NASA, which has been known to fudge data, is 3 millimeters per year. And they always portend catastrophic usually 100-200 years from now, when everyone is dead. Flooding in South Florida is partially due to the massive amount of concrete and asphalt and no ground to absorb the rainwater.

The virtual signaling about water, air, coral reefs or the Everglades is just that. Who wants dirty air or water, and who wants to destroy the Everglades or the coral reefs?

Reducing carbon emissions would result in increased poverty for millions of

people here and billions across the world. Also, the biggest polluters did not sign onto the Paris climate agreement. If only leftist would lead by example and stop flying on their private jets and stop using A/C in their huge mansions.

Modern, green economy that will “create new jobs – jobs that we don’t even know will exist in the future.” WHAT???

Greg Sodeman, Homestead, FL

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