The Washington D.C. establishment class, administrative state, big tech, and the legacy media have made themselves oligarchs through authoritarian control of what is heard, said, and done.

They provide and disseminate false information/propoganda on the Wuhan virus, firearms, illegal immigration, vote fraud, the riots of 2020, climate change and virtually everything else.

The numbers of death from and with Wuhan virus have been incorrect, still are. The mandating of lockdowns, wearing of mask and social distancing and not doing the same.

They want to force domestic travelers prove they do not have the Wuhan virus but not illegals crossing the southern border.

The establishment class in Washington D.C. has called for a fence (wall) around the capital building after the protest on Jan 6, 2021. The same establishment class refused to fund a fence (wall) on our southern border to prevent the illegal crossing of drugs, people, and goods. They also have capital police and National Guard soldiers protecting them with military grade firearms but want to restrict or even take away law-abiding citizens right to self-defense.

Marc Elias claims procedural faults in complying with state election law in NY’s 22nd district and called for investigations. The U.S. congress refuses to even look at the alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, much less investigate it and vilifies anyone suggesting there was fraud or even irregularities.

The establishment class in D.C. did not condemn last year riots where cities were laid to waste and even supported the rioters. Rioters were caught and released to return to the violence. They did not care because it is not where they conduct business. I was going to say their building, but it belongs to We the People.

John Kerry and other important people travel in private jets while telling us lesser important people we should not travel because it contributes to global warming.

You should read this article, Lincoln Saw A Storm Coming. Every American Should Read His Warning (

This is a conflict between them and us, the Washington D.C. establishment class, administrative state, big tech, and legacy media against and the average American citizen. Congress has abdicated its authority to the unelected, unaccountable administrative state. Big tech and the legacy media are the drivers of and propaganda arms for them and are not being held accountable for their lies and double standards. If you think it is bad now, just wait.

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