Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Leftists live in a perpetual state of fear. They fear: Free speech, gun rights, due process, responsibility, personal and property rights, Christians, global warming/climate change, losing their political power, petroleum and products made from it and they hate America.

They fear freedom of speech instead, they want to compel you to use speech they approve of. Look at how many people have lost their jobs for saying there are only two genders, how many Trump supporters have been attacked for going to a rally or wearing clothing expressing their freedom of speech?

They fear gun rights. Take for example the recent MLK day rally in Richmond Virginia. Both houses of the Virginia legislature which just had been turned blue along with their leftist governor, blackface Northam had imposed multiple draconian gun control laws on their law-abiding citizens but not the criminals who violate the laws. When the oppressed law-abiding citizens planned a protest (freedom of speech) which had been occurring on that date for years, the racist governor via executive order decreed that law-abiding citizens would not be able to possess weapons on state capital grounds using very ambiguous and suspicious justification. What happened, nothing, so why the fear?

They fear due process, personal and property rights because if due process and rights were granted all their red flag laws would be found unconstitutional.

They fear Christians, calling us haters and bigots while we try and spread the love Jesus has for us to the rest of the world.

They fear their religion global warming/climate change religion is not embraced around the world. It takes more faith to believe in gw/cc than the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Not one of their predictions since the 1960’s has been correct. And they fear petroleum and products made from it because they believe it is harming their religion.

They hate losing their political power because someone whom we elected has changed the way politics is being conducted in Washington D.C. And they fear America. That is why Madeline Albright was so concerned when the

Soviet Union collapsed, because America would be the only superpower and we shouldn’t be able to impose freedom on the rest of the world. Their high priest B Hussein O said he wanted to fundamentally change America. And currently a majority of college aged people believe that socialism is better than capitalism. Go live in a socialist country for a year and then come back and talk with me.

Now go back and replace the word fear with hate, nothing changes.

Again, I would gladly engage in debate with anyone that disagrees with me.

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