Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Why does the left have so much hate for President Trump and for that matter all conservative Americans? We are the target, but he is the bullseye. They hate us because we elected him and continue to support him and his policies. Policies that have and continue to benefit middle class Americans; border security, unemployment, trade, manufacturing, GDP, taxes, military. They hate us because of our views on sexuality and gender disphoria, illegal immigration, firearms and speech. Doubt me? How many leftists attending and leaving rallys are brutally attacked by conservatives? How many Burnies (sic) supporters are doxed. How many Fauxcahontas supporters have had their houses protested at? How many Hillary supporting leftist in the deep state are in prison for what they did during the 2016 election cycle and afterwards? How many leftist speakers at colleges have had huge protests to shut them from speaking? If you haven’t guessed by now, the answer is zero.

Leftists make baseless accusations with absolutely no proof. Now after 3 years of congressional and deep state investigation comes the long-awaited impeachment and again if you look at the evidence, or rather the lack thereof, absolutely nothing. Not even all democrat members voted to bring him up on charges. What does that tell you?

The left, here as elsewhere, countries and organizations, exist only to accumulate and wield power over the individual and never for their benefit. Some polls tell us that many millennials approve of socialism, they claim it makes everyone equal. What they haven’t been taught is that it makes everyone equally poor and servants of the government. There is no middle class in socialism, only elite and poor, and they will not be part of the elite.

Look at what just happened in Great Britain. The Labour party lost control of the government and the leftists are protesting in the streets. I fully expect the same thing to happen here when President Trump wins his second term because they are so filled with hate. Maybe he will change the Constitution so he can have lifetime appointment. That is a joke. Leftists have no sense of humor either.

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