When the federal government runs a deficit, which is always, they just print money, making our money worth less. When state, county or local governments run deficits, they just raise fees/taxes. Remember, the government doesn’t have money or produce anything, they take it from us and spend it wastefully. Where does the buck stop?

How is having a $350 million solid waste department budget not enough for the county? Don’t they sell recyclable items and make a profit from it? Now they are raising garbage fees $25 this year and they indicated may (definitely will) come back for another request again next year. Why?

Didn’t Mayor Levine Cava, the county commissioners or Mike Rodriguez, the director of the Solid Waste dept, not foresee this happening, or once it began

happening not take steps to mitigate the problem(s)? Was no one paying attention? This didn’t just happen. The mayor didn’t think something needed to be done when they used $11 million dollars of WUHAN relief money? Now Mike says they have a $30 million dollar deficit in his department? These people have been in their

positions since the spring of 2020 when they claim they saw “a change in the

garbage landscape”.

They claim they need more residential crew hours to pick up household trash, why? Don’t they service the same number of homes? They claim the extra garbage is from those not working at the office or commercial sites. I don’t know, maybe shift some of the commercial collection personnel to residential collection. They have all these new trucks that require only one person to operate. How about

reducing some of the personnel, especially top-heavy administrative staff.

Are they stupid, incompetent, or evil? Whichever, they shouldn’t be running anything.

I applaud Commissioners Garcia, Martinez, and Sosa for voting against this


Why is the solution always to raise taxes/fees and not get rid of government wastefulness and incompetence?

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