What if the things that the media and many people are pushing for today are actually the very things that are causing the spikes in the Chinese virus?

The wearing of masks hinders our breathing, increases the co2 levels in our bodies and lowers the immune system. I have observed an increase of the virus with an increase of masks being worn. I don’t know, just asking?

What if social distancing was a cause and not an answer, no I do not mean keeping 6’ apart, I rather like that one, no I am talking about keeping separate from relatives, friends and loved ones, you know the people who make us happy to be around especially my church brethren. They help produce the endorphins in the brain that keep us happy and our immune systems working. I don’t know just asking?

What if staying home cooped up and all alone is causing depression which lowers our ability to fight off disease is not a good answer either? I know if I spend too much time with myself I’ve got to get out. God designed us to interact with one another, He told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, can’t do that staying home. Again, just asking for myself since I have no friends to ask for?

Thanks to President Trump, we as a people within our nation have come to the point that we have not retaliated against all of these wicked and evil actions but have given ourselves the time and space to monitor these behaviors over the past nearly four years.

Take pride that we do not act out like they do but rather have kept a watchful eye on what they've done and stand for.

For everything the liberal socialist democrats have tried to force upon us over a good many years, trying to force us to change and abandon our faith, our morals and our God, they've failed.

We prove in each and every day before this election just how deeply we are rooted in our faith and know that God would not want us to act like them. They have nefarious intent, we do not. They live in a constant state of rebellion, we do not. So, we have a spiritual battle going on here and know that God has already declared that as we maintain and remain in prayer, we already have the VICTORY.

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