Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Once again, our beaches are contaminated.

The news just reported a contamination advisory for all Dade County beaches.

With what? ... "high levels of bacteria" is all they say. And it's not likely they will follow-up.

What are our officials and county planners doing to resolve the cause, or causes, of this beach crisis?

I keep hearing about "inevitable growth", "smart growth", "sustainable building", "risk and resilience."

What about "quality of life" for residents who were born, raised, and remain here?!

Those of us who spent so much of our time at the shore still remember clean white sand, and clear, clean waters.

We are angry and heartbroken that this county has neglected our infrastructure, and allowed such dense, sprawling development that you cannot manage the waste, the sewage spewed by the hoards of people enticed by slick marketing.

Funds for maintaining and upgrading? "Diverted." ... Where did the money go?

We have a finite amount of fresh drinking water in our aquifers, and a finite amount of seashore.

The efforts made by county officials have fallen far short on conservation and preservation.

What would this town look like without Tourism?

What Tourist will want to come here if walking in our sand and swimming in our surf could make them sick?

Who will risk swimming with E. coli , or becoming a host for flesh eating

bacteria (vibrio vulnificus) ?

Our officials owe the public an explanation about the contamination, and a plan to correct it. Before it's too late.

Native Miamian, Resident, and Former Beach Goer,

Pat Bonner Milone, Homestead

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