There is a conflict raging in the Redlands against venue owners by several disgruntled individuals trying to eliminate these businesses. The latest attack came in the form of a blanket letter to the County accusing close to 20 venues of dividing their personal homes for rental purposes.

In May of 2022, I closed my venue but still get harassment about phantom events each followed by a County Investigation. Understand, all claims, whether true or false are investigated and written up. Many times, a citation follows based on unfounded accusation with the venue owner bearing the cost and waste of time to clear the matter up to avoid fines. And, let's not forget the waste of taxpayer dollars for police and other County Official's time.

I am included in the group letter accused of dividing and renting parts of my residence. To clear the record of these unfounded charges, I must open my home for a County Inspection. Soundsun-American to me and a good basis for a lawsuit!

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