Larry Elder doesn't toe the party line for which he is maligned by some. Elder thinks independently, all by himself, for which he is respected by many, including myself.

In his last column, where he discusses the root causes of urban homicide, he ends pointing to the clear evidence between crime and fatherlessness.

Now, I tell myself, knowing this, how come schools across this country have not started an all out effort to tackle this horrid social ill? For the logic is clear, no father means a broken home, a failure of the family. How come we don't start programs to fortify the American family particularly in those areas where there is an abundance of broken homes?

It could well be a k-12 program where kids start learning from a very early age about what makes a good family to later on about the quite different psychological make up of boys as to girls and vice versa. This last point is extremely important since breakdown often occurs around frustrated or unrealistic expectations.

I don't know, but I see well thought family programs as a real emergency in our schools.

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