Classroom teachers are essential workers and are indispensable for the academic achievement of our children ... and you have been called to teach (not just do a job).

A cashier in a grocery store is considered essential; he/she has worked 8 hours a day for the last six months and has seen hundreds and hundreds of people -so you can buy your paper towels. But a teacher can't work seeing the same 20 students daily -because it is "dangerous".

Science, doctors, politicians and your union left a long time ago; you and the parents of your students are being played!

Teachers in J.O. Combs, Arizona school district will close down classes for "unsafe working conditions". Schools in Ontario and Scotland will reopen next month and British Prime Boris Johnson declared it "a moral duty" to reopen. Additionally, twenty-two countries in Europe will reopen after summer vacation. Schools in the United States have become outliers.

Virtual learning is just one choice and it is not a one-size fits all. It does not work for every child. Remote learning is inequitable and a poor substitute for in-person instruction, especially for young children and students with disabilities. At the end of August we find that your value as a teacher is being extremely underestimated. Remote learning failed many children this spring deepening the achievement gaps by race and income.

If teachers wait until next year to go back into the classroom, parents who have to go to work and can not afford private schools will create "mini pods" with neighbors; 7 -10 students and a certified teacher for home learning. SchoolHouse, an innovative education startup in L.A. Metro area opens September 2020.

Our kids needs in-person learning and our teachers want to teach. Teachers are essential workers and with adequate safety precautions should return to work bv the end of this month. Teachers with health concerns should be first to get the opportunity to work online from home. Masks and social distancing in classrooms, and allowing teachers over 65, and those with pre-existing conditions, may work remotely.

A teaching profession is a vital element for the survival of any economy of any country. Kids need real classrooms, trained teachers and socialization -virtual - only option "not good for the kids".

Remember you are indispensable -absolutely necessary and irreplaceable. No one thinks like you. No one has your background. No one has the experiences you've had. No one has your unique talents. Therefore, there's no one like you ... and you were born to teach.

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