I’m writing this letter to the editor to try and help residents, homeowners, and renters of Homestead, to educate them on the regulations for the disposal of household waste (green lid) recycling cans (yellow or gray lid) and bulk waste piles. I’m asking everyone to check and confirm what materials should go in each can. To many people are not following the regulations and its making our town look like a garbage dump.

If you are a tenant who rents, contact your owner. Property owners can call Customer Service at 305-224-4800.

Bulky Waste Piles are picked up twice a month, but many people are piling theirs up whenever, instead of placing it out a day or two ahead of the scheduled pick up.

Code Enforcement is given citations for all who are not following the regulations. A citation will be given first and then you will receive a bill if you continue to not follow the regulations.

I was told that cameras are being installed in many places to prosecute illegal dumping. To report illegal dumping call 305-224-5580.

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