Dear Editor:

Americans are addicted to lawsuits. Current litigation trends prove it – the

moment the severity of COVID-19 became clear, trial lawyers began running late-night TV ads scouting for clients for coronavirus-related lawsuits. While it’s understandable that people want someone to blame in times of crisis, we must recognize that frivolous lawsuits affect everyone – not just the people involved in a case.

Here are some sobering facts. Each year, lawsuit abuse contributes to widespread job loss. For most small businesses, the cost of fighting off a COVID-19 lawsuit would shut them down permanently. Fewer businesses means fewer jobs, which is the last thing we need given today’s unemployment challenges.

Furthermore, lawsuit abuse results in higher taxes, higher prices for goods and services and higher insurance costs. Again, given our failing economy, I urge

lawmakers to put up roadblocks and curb the economic impact that excessive COVID-19 litigation could have on America’s consumers and businesses.

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