Small businesses have faced obstacle after obstacle over the last year. At a time when we need to focus on growth and recovery, we cannot afford misguided proposals and rhetoric that target our health care coverage and increase our prescription drug costs.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers work with health plans and retail pharmacies to play a much-needed role in securing lower drug costs for small businesses and our workers.

But Big Pharma and special interests including the independent pharmacy lobby consistently spread misinformation about PBMs because they don’t want someone managing the prices they can charge. The savings that comes from PBMs helps keep money in the pockets of employees and consumers alike.

What’s more is that independent pharmacies really don't need government intervention to thrive: they’re already a billion dollar industry, and almost 20 new independent pharmacies opened in Florida just last year.

Our leaders should be focused on supporting small businesses and our workers to expedite pandemic recovery not attack entities that help small businesses and our workers access more affordable health care. I hope they will reject the rhetoric of special interests like Big Pharma and the independent pharmacy lobby.

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