To the Editor,

My name is Tom Hill and I am writing to voice my concern for the amount of construction going on in South Dade with NO infrastructure improvements. Too many new housing units going up with more units per acre creating more need for improved streets, parks and schools.

Miami Dade is seeing an increase in tax structure but the residences are not

seeing any improvements to the infrastructure. There are too many units per acre being applied for, and I am opposing Z2022000298 for that reason.

Much of South Dade is/was zoned for 1 house per 5 acres and now the developers are wanting to change zoning to as many as 7 units per acre. Farmers have a right to sell their property for market price but the surrounding home owners also have a right not to be surrounded by more development then what the zoning has historically been.

My wife and I have resided in South Dade for over 40 years. We moved to the Homestead area in the early 80's and enjoyed the small town, farm-like culture and atmosphere of the area. We have/are quickly being surrounded by houses which are replacing the avocado groves and tomato fields.

I am voicings my objection to this development and any other development that is more than 2 houses per acre. Miami Dade county has not planned for this kind of development in the south. There are not enough roads, parks, fire stations, police or schools to accommodate the need for this community.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Hill, Homestead

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