Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Like you Nikki, I was shocked as news unfolded of the shooting in El Paso. Only thing is, I was shocked on how fast the leftist anti-gun crowd got in front of a camera and demanded that someone take away our Second Amendment Right. A right something you cannot take away, even though our government has been chipping away at the Second Amendment since 1934. A privilege is something you can take away, like a drivers license. For politicians who swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights to call for more firearms legislation restricting law-abiding citizens ability to defend themselves and the ones they care for is borderline treason. They should be held to account and even removed from office. We are a country of laws, you cannot pick and choose which laws you approve of and support and which you don’t, it’s all in or nothing.

You cannot legislate away evil, mental illness or criminal behavior. Another law will not stop someone intent on doing harm to do harm to someone. It is already illegal to murder someone, steal, rape, kidnap, etc. If I pick up a rock and bash your skull in, is that not an assault weapon? A firearm is an inanimate object that requires human interaction to function. Criminals do not go to gun stores to buy guns, they go to steal them because they are NOT ALLOWED BY LAW to purchase them but somehow they get their hand on them. According to law enforcement statistics a minor number of criminals commit a majority of crime in a minor numbers of places.

The Constitution is not a living breathing document. They said/wrote what they meant and what they wrote is what they meant for all time. If you want to amend the Constitution our founding fathers put in a way to do so legally. Red flag laws or emergency risk protection orders a.k.a. ERPO’s are unconstitutional; they deny the accused due process, the ability to face their accuser, it strips them of their property, presumption of innocence, there is no penalty for false reporting.

Nikki states that few issues incite more bitter divisions than guns in America. Let me give it a shot. How about abortion, Obamacare, immigration, property rights, voter fraud?

Then she continues with a couple pertinent points, she states that we have a constitutional right to bear arms and that no one on either side wants more innocent people killed. And yes, she did take over an office that was negligent in its duties from her predecessor. The paragraph calling for preemption to be removed bothers me but is in line with her political stance. It would allow localities to establish a patchwork of firearms laws that would cause a law-abiding citizen to become a criminal just by crossing an imaginary line. If you cross that line and they prosecute as a felon you lose your right to bear arms, which is what they want. Again criminals do not care about laws, by the very definition of the word they do not obey laws. Then at the end of her op-ed she goes full leftist with all her kumbaya virtue signaling propaganda.

In closing, firearms owners, especially individuals with concealed carry permits are more law abiding than the general population and even law enforcement. So why take away the rights of people who already follow the laws? It makes no sense, much less common sense. Why lump us in with the criminals?

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