Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Redland has been trended a Rural Agricultural Farming Area for the past 120 Years. Why would anybody in their right mind think of changing its identity? (except Developers).

In refuting all of the baseless allegations of Mr. Accursio in his recent OP-ED, your readers need to know that he is being at best disingenuous in stating he is not in favor of moving the Urban Development Boundary. He is advocating ELIMINATING it and removing the special status which Redland has enjoyed for 40 years as the "County's Agricultural District." Here is the actual resolution which Mr. Accursio permitted his fellow developers on the Ag. Practice Board to put forth at the November meeting.

Bill Losner's motion. "The motion is to delete, from the current CDMP amendments, the proposed amendment defining the boundaries of the Redland area, and applying to that area that there shall not be approved the expansion of the UDB line into that area." The motion was seconded by James Humble.

Despite the massive display of opposition by the community at the December meeting, Mr. Accursio and the other developers and bankers on the board persist in their attempt to line their pockets at public expense, destroy the agriculture industry and disrupt the lives of many thousands of people who have chosen to live & farm in Redland, based on rules of 40 years standing. Over 4500 people have signed the online petition in opposition to Mr. Accursio and his fellow developers. Your readers can join them at http://chng.it/bqmnXYG6Vr.

Folks, please come to the Ag. Practices Board meeting at 9:00 AM, January 8th at the John D. Campbell Agricultural Center, 18710 S.W. 288th Street, Homestead where Mr. Losner's motion will be considered again.

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