Dear Editor,

Reading this well-written article by Mr. Diehl made me feel nauseous as I lived through the concrete destruction of Key Biscayne where it seems, not an inch of view of the ocean remains to the driver on any road there. We escaped to the wonderfully clean air of Homestead and surrounding farms, etc.

Now, where there was once a large tree farm next door, there is the building of Lennar’s 730 plus dwellings, amazingly called The Rivera: A tightly packed-together single-family and condo community along SE 152 Ave. Dust permeates the air as they build: Machinery beeps and grinds day and night.

If you would like to preserve some of what's left of our open spaces, you can contact your county commissioner and ask for a county meeting place closer to us than downtown Miami to voice your concerns.

I also want to thank our Mayor Steve Losner for his attempt to preserve some of what we have loved about our community.

Thank you,

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